Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 5 - Catch up on/with the pioneer bloggers

In 2008, Twitter and Blogger were all the rage!

I met many people on this crazy web and continue to be able to connect with people all around the world because of it.

I've since deleted my Twitter account and had left my blog to fade to black.

I started looking through my list of followers from way back in the day and not only have they dwindled in numbers (couldn't they have waited 5 years for me to get my groove back!?), but most of the links I click say that the blogs are no longer valid or that I am not invited to read them (OUCH!) and I should contact the person if I want to read the blog...but there is no contact information!

Regardless, I'm cleaning out the old, keeping the shiny items that I can still play with and am on the hunt for new ones!

I've got snippets of some of the original Blogher ladies of mommydom.  Of course, it catches me off guard that their children are grown, they've published novels or they've taken a completely different path in life.

Then I reflect on the last 5 years of my life and realize that a LOT can change in 5 years and 5 years can feel like the blink of an eye!

So, if you see a comment from me pop up on your blog and  you happen to come back here to see if it's spam, it isn't.  I'm taking at bash at it!

Blogging 5.0!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 4 - You're listening to...

I never used to be able to listen to people read to me.

I love books!  I love the smell and the feel and the look.  My giant bookshelf is overflowing.

The challenge is in finding the time to read.

Take, for example, Middlemarch.  I've started it many times, but I never get far.  I keep trying and I've committed to getting through it, but finding the time is challenging.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've started listening to books during my walks to work.

At first it was very foreign to listen to an unknown voice reading a book to me.  But I kept listening and now I look forward to it!   I have adapted to listening to somebody read and my imagination has started to wander as I listen to the words.  It makes me happy!

Right now, I'm listening to the Inheritance Cycle and am on book 4 (Inheritance).  My daughter read them many years ago and has been waiting for me to finish so that she can discuss them!

Every once in a while, I find myself chuckling out loud or gasping about something I have just heard.  I've done it while walking past people and I feel foolish for a moment, but not for much longer than that!

What's next on my list?

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling (My daughter and I are off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter right after Christmas so I MUST be prepared!  I've read them before, but it's been a while.)
Mars Trilogy - Kim Stanley Robinson
Dragonriders of Pern - Anne & Todd McCaffery
Bossypants - Tina Fey
Middlemarch - George Eliot

As you can see, I enjoy fantasy books!

Do you have any audiobooks that you would recommend?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 3 - Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work I go

Another thing I've already started doing, but will include on my list of changes, is walking to work.

It is 5 kms each way.  Uphill both ways.  I know that makes me sound like I'm 85 and telling tales, but it's a valley!

Walking to work is mostly downhill with a few uphill battles near the end.  I have a gym membership and store everything in my locker, then get showered and changed and take the elevator straight up to work!  I love this convenience!

Heading home takes a little bit more willpower!  It would be so easy to take transit or a cab.  But I change, strap on my good boots and hit the pavement every day and it feels so great as soon as I start walking!

I have also started listening to books along the way.  I'm finally getting through some books I've had on my list for many years.  More on that tomorrow!

I make sure that I charge my Fitbit every night before going to bed.  Having these steps counted for me and showing my daily progress is so motivating!  I love feeling that little buzz buzz when I hit my daily goal of 12,000 steps!  I have also purchased fun bands for it so I can wear it throughout the day.  I'm a matchy-matchy girl so this is a small thing that brings me immense pleasure!  I have one with a Canadian flag, one with shamrocks, one with moustaches for Movember and more!

Do you use a Fitbit?  Does it encourage you?  Want to be Fitbit buddies??

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 2 - The Need to Heed the Mead

Although this is a change that I've already implemented, it is worth mentioning since it is an important one.

During a very long year at work, consisting of major transitions filled with excruciating uncertainty, I gained about 60 pounds.  That's a lot of bricks of butter!

Now, I must atone for this!

While I'm not an alcoholic (or at least I've not joined AA yet!), I do love beer and wine and other fine stuff like St Germain Elderflower liqueur (liquid gold!) and port.

I eat fairly well so cutting out the booze would take care of at least half of the onus of losing the poundage, so I have.

The next time I have a drink will be at a beer festival in July, 2016.  It gives me something to look forward to and I want to feel zero guilt when I do indulge!

So far, no alcohol has led to better sleep, higher mental acuity, easier exercising and for the scale to move every so slightly.  I'll take it!

Time to go rake up the leaves that finally dumped onto our yard.  In November.  Trees are fickle things!

Friday, November 13, 2015

365 Days of Change - Day 1

Today is November the 13th.  It isn't January the 1st or a Monday, but I am initiating my 365 Days of Change!  

Day 1: Blow the dust off my blog and commit to writing again!  

In the years since we last met, both Wentworth and I have come out of the closet!  I am now happily married to a beautiful and kind woman.  We have been together for 3 years and I am outrageously happy!

I've traveled to Europe twice, been to Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, New York City and have plans for Orlando (Harry Potter, here we come!), Portugal/Spain and Ireland/Scotland.  Not bad for somebody who traveled for the first time at 37!

I have built up some great friendships and take the time to cherish and foster them.  

My daughter is almost finished university.

I have a job with a company I love that has lots of potential for movement.

That's it for Day 1.

Creativity will come, I hope!